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Skhole LMS product upgrades 8.4.2019-25.4.2019
Skhole LMS product upgrades 8.4.2019-25.4.2019

New features, improvements and fixes

Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • New required fields for Profile and Register form

  • GeoIP detection to / All other than countries than Finland IP addresses are now forwarding to english site, except if language specifically selected from UI

  • "Regenerate certificate" functionality for admin

  • Full text search functionality to cover single lesson contents and added views separated single lesson/course search results

  • Added filters Course and Tags in "Add lesson" modal


  • Course statistics - Changed date range filter in Course statistics so that user doesn’t need to select between “Start date” and “Complete date” because some users did not understand this.

  • Course statistics - Made default time range past 1 month instead of past 1 week

  • Omit teachers from assignees when assigning task to subgroup or maingroup

  • Added trimming logic to fill in the blank-question's user input + answers

  • Quiz reports modal quiz attempts were set to be ordered by last attempt date desc

  • Message type tasks open in big modal window instead of just small truncated message on notification

  • Users and Tasks -views fit in window in all resolutions without need for horizontal scrolling

  • Improved Quizzes->Questions discoverability, added tooltips and improved filters


  • Some removed groups tasks were still visible for some users, but users could not start them

  • Some tasks created by admin were not visible to users in different organizations

  • Earlier than possible end date could be selected on task modify

  • Submitting empty quiz resulted to errors in browser console

  • Some incorrect language tags were visible in UI

  • User was unable to open exam with code because similar exam was already assigned to user

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