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Skhole LMS product upgrades 10.5.2019-6.6.2019
Skhole LMS product upgrades 10.5.2019-6.6.2019

New features, improvements and fixes

Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Assign certificates from other exams than Skhole certified

  • Possibility for admin to generate certificate after manualy altering quiz report

  • Initial snackbar on fullscreen video to notify user how to close fullscreen mode


  • Newly created quiz/question/lesson/case are now automatically added to underlying course/quiz hierarchy

  • Course and Quiz statistics UX improvements for setting date ranges and displaying default date format.

  • Improvements to admin's users activity graph

  • Moved start/due date to header in task results to give more space to other columns and reduce repeating same information on every row

  • Tweaked YouTube player to hide non-important related videos after playback


  • Multiple style issues for Internet Explorer 11 / iOS

  • Facebook login issues related missing link to terms

  • Issues while adding new Quiz into course hierarchy

  • Not all organizations were visible in "private for organization" setting for admin

  • Attachments with long file names were truncated and cleaned to look nicer

  • Added few missing translations for finnish language

  • Scrolling in quiz's questions was improved and set automatic scroll to end of answer choices for better UX

  • Some dashboard items were overflowing in some cases/resolutions

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