• On unlock exam, made it possible to define amount of new attempts
  • In exam, now showing remaining quiz time based on time actually left to use (task deadlines)
  • Support for MOV, AVI and MKV video uploads
  • Last update timestamp on lessons
  • Possible not to define "sections" on course. Section name can be left empty (=no sections)


  • System logging infrastructure
  • In Quizzes/Exams moved buttons from bottom right to left
  • Public profile layout
  • Trimmed needless whitespace from dashboard area
  • Improved handling/transcoding of videos without sound
  • Filters in Tasks and date filter in Statistics are now sticky


  • Next button in Exams had dissapeared for short while as a result of regression bug
  • As Editor choosing "private for group" -option course dissapeared from Editor's listings
  • Could not close login modal from top right X on some small resolutions
  • Access issues to single questions via Questions page
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