Text versions of courses can now be viewed without internet connection. Downloaded courses are saved in browser's cache for one month without internet access. Note that clearing browser's cache clears also downloaded content, so in that case courses must be re-downloaded. 

Downloading courses

  • Login to Skhole

  • In courses listing (or course's subpage) choose "Download for offline"

  • Wait while course is downloading. When finished, you'll get notified "Course offline access download complete"

Viewing courses in offline mode on same device

  • (without internet access) navigate to https://app.skhole.fi

  • View downloaded contents. You don't have access to feature which require internet connection. When internet-connectivity resumes, additional features will automatically re-appear.

Known limitations

  • Offline functionality does not work on Internet Explorer browser, due to browser not supporting Progressive Web Applications.

Additional functionality added later in autumn

  • Possibility to download video and audio formats

  • "Completing" lessons and courses in offline mode and synchronizing state back to server when online.

  • Offline quizzes

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