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Skhole LMS product upgrades 1.8.2019-6.9.2019
Skhole LMS product upgrades 1.8.2019-6.9.2019

New features, improvements and fixes

Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Platform now fully supports single course or bundle licenses

  • Courses can be downloaded to users browser for offline viewing

  • Certificates can be viewed from Statistics

  • Course progress can be resetted by user. Statistics will still remain of old progress.


  • Exam certificates - Added Supervised by -information

  • Add Lesson - Added option “Not in any course” for course filter

  • Add Lesson/Case/Quiz - Added tooltip to date in created column: name+organization of lesson author

  • Added new guide to introduce course offline downloading functionality


  • Add exam -task - 80% pass percent was suggested by default even if default pass percent 0% was specified in quiz settings

  • Courses listing dissapeared after while in Microsoft Edge <= 17

  • Emails were sent in english even if user was using finnish UI

  • Add Lesson modal - Filter by course had stopped working

  • Setting multiple users expiry date at same time had UI issues

  • Reports of exams using removed quizzes were not working

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