• Changed “Favourites” filter name to “My courses” in course listing index. My courses now includes also tasked courses and courses user has started.
  • If user has “Course” -type tasks, they are ordered on top of course listing.
  • Made it possible for teachers to perform actions on other teachers by selecting them via checkbox in Users listing.
  • Made few guide tour steps hidden in case user couldn’t access showcased features
  • Performance optimizations


  • Incorrect number of tasks to-do in dashboard for some users
  • Teachers did not see all questions in quizzes in some cases
  • When user stopped using Skhole via Profile, app became unresponsive
  • Navigating to single lessons via course page’s search was broken
  • Organization admin was able to archive himself
  • Removed “complete lesson” -button & “add note” -button for single lessons not in scope of course
  • [Firefox] “Run” -button in Users listing was not inline with other buttons
  • [Mobile] Improved some styles in dashboard and course listing index
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