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Skhole LMS product upgrades 1.2.2020-24.4.2020
Skhole LMS product upgrades 1.2.2020-24.4.2020

New features, improvements and fixes

Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • New styling for text format to greatly improve readability

  • Exams can be continued even if browser window closed

  • Globally free lessons - Content can be made freely available to unauthorized users

  • Non-active subscriptions are now visible to organization admins and teachers via Organization info page.

  • Two new items "Groups & Registration codes" & "Organization info" are added into navigation


  • Certificates are now created instantly and only certificate image generation is moved to background

  • Before user finishes quiz, show summary page

  • Quiz - Question numbers take less space on mobile and are now scrollable horizontally

  • Dashboard on mobile is simplified and takes less space

  • Moved Cases into Lessons to get rid of extra complexity

  • More easily understandable statuses on Task results

  • Videos automatically start on mobile (on iOS muted due to system restriction)

  • Better Youtube video url validation and notices in cases such as "Video owner did not allow to embed this video on other websites"

  • Updated strings to more understandable text in email notifications

  • Added login modal to popup on multiple routes where authentication is required

  • UX improvements when adding tasks

  • App performance and memory usage optimisations resulting to smoother and more stabile user experience 


  • Notification bar was displayed in incorrect area of page when using back button in some sections

  • Teacher could not see all his tasks he because some incorrect filters were set automatically in tasks

  • Adding Profile picture/cropping did not work on iPhone

  • Some incorrect Related courses were shown in Quizzes and Questions

  • Some images inside lesson text were disapearing automatically

  • Teachers could not edit their own questions in some cases

  • Hide dashboard button was not visible in some resolutions

  • When added new quiz via course, quiz could not be edited right after it was created

  • Exam could be added into course like self evaluation quiz's using some methods

  • Multiple issues in playing YouTubes videos

  • Progress column in Tasks was not showing correct numbers in some cases

  • Rate limiter was working too efficiently in some cases

  • Some modals were not properly scrollable

  • Missing translation in emails / Rate limiter

  • When adding Skhole certified exam -task, "Assign certificate" checkbox was not checked by default on UI although all Skhole certified exams will assign a certificate.
    Bug in Task duplication when changing assignee student and dates

  • Some graphical glitches

  • Text highlight tooltip position is a little off

  • Some certificates did not open

  • Scoring issue on multiple choice type question 

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