• Configure access for advanced course access specifiying. Editors can set rules how different roles, groups and users can access courses on what date ranges.


  • Performance upgrades

  • Added tooltips into all Floating icon buttons to describe their actions

  • Certificate is available for viewing right away after it is achieved

  • Lesson: on mobile scrolling improved touch responsivity

  • Quiz - Question: By default unchecked option “Different points for each answer” for multiple choice questions


  • Certificate was generated for not passed exam before submitting it on some scenarios

  • Quiz view: the standard bottom bar blocked "Next" button on some resolutions

  • Transcoding: Handling of smaller than 360p videos

  • Haka login issues

  • Slow certificate generation issues

  • Lesson video: on mobile devices YouTube video had responsiveness issues

  • Lesson video: on mobile devices Youtube videos seeking got stuck sometimes

  • Lesson video: on mobile devices the video bar was duplicated

  • Incorrect UI behaviour when navigated back after authorisation

  • Notification bar was unpinned after making one step back

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