• PDFs can be embedded into lesson text content and viewed directly on page.

  • Added Users Role/Organization/Group information into Profile

  • Course listing (index) page - Added button to clear filters & search

  • Quiz - archiving. Now its possible to archive and restore quizzes. Archived quizzes won't be deleted from courses automatically, but editors who have arhived quizzes used in courses get notified of possibly outdated content.

  • Quiz - Added Next button (to move to next lesson)


  • Course Offline downloading was brought back with less intrusive features. Now Progressive web app (PWA) is disabled for all users who don't download courses. Only users with offline cached content will need to update and sync PWA.

  • Better handling for maintenance times. Now active users gets informed via snackbar 1 hour before scheduled maintenance times. During maintenance times page with scheduled maintenance information is shown.

  • Search terms are preserved when using back button. For example if user searches something, clicks on course open, then presses back button he still sees same search results.

  • Browse by category - Users with low resolution or mobile don't need to scroll anymore to see Close button.

  • Add associated course relations automatically into quiz and questions when adding new quiz from course or quiz page.

  • There was no error of archived user for Google & Facebook authorisation

  • Course - Reset course -button is now visible and works whenever there is some progress in course made (course doesn't need to be completed)

  • "Show course certificate" button in quiz or lesson view is now hidden when user returns to content to "study again"

  • Added snackbar message to Internet Explorer browser users telling that support is going to be stopped in the end of year 2020

  • Lesson & Course - Continue to next logic now includes quizzes and not only lessons

  • Performance improvements


  • Issues with Haka login

  • Entering exam code did not work for brief time

  • Add Lesson modal: top border of react-select boxes was missing in Firefox

  • Course could not be deleted by its owner if it included quiz created by another user that was deleted

  • PDF embedding had too large indents on some mobile devices in landscape mode

  • Video responsiveness issue on window width betweeen 793px - 992px

  • Quizzes - in "readonly mode" there was no view icon for questions

  • Browse by category - Styles issue in Internet Exporer 11 browser

  • Lesson Video transcoding progress indicator was shown overlayed on same course's YouTube videos

  • Course listing (index) page - Load more courses functionality had brief issues

  • On course edit if pressed Logout, confirm dialog popped up after user already logged out

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