• Skhole Whitelabel - Enabled on subscription basis. It's possible to set up organization's own colors, fonts, certificate templates, organization-only content, custom login url and more... Contact Skhole sales to enable for your organization.
  • Invite-users functionality - Org.admin/teacher can invite users (manual/Excel) to register into app. Users receive email with invite link. No signup code needed.
  • Login via Office365 account


  • Updated swedish translations on UI
  • Accessibility - Multiple "under the hood" tunings to improve overall accessibility
  • Searching UI speed was tuned a bit slower which results to nicer experience
  • Updated email templates to be more generic and fix static references to Skhole for better whitelabel support
  • Registration - Changed fields order for better UX
  • Registration - Hide modal guide when start to write to some input
  • Registration - Log in user right after successful registration automatically
  • Disabled offline-mode checking for users who don't have any courses downloaded (Progressive Web App enabled)


  • User role was not properly checked when group auto-archived
  • Could not login with Internet Explorer 11
  • Could not login via HAKA
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