• Switched places of Login and Sign up -buttons and improving text contrast
  • Quiz modules - Questions - Editor - Now allow to set 0 points to be achieved from question. This way for example "fill in blank" type can be used as feedback.
  • Lesson text print styles
  • Lesson - Got rid of black borders on video player while keeping it responsive
  • Lesson - If video does not exist, show text+audio format instead of just text
  • Improved stability if message broker platform used by Skhole would go down for reasons beyond us
  • Better logging (resulting to better support) for media transcodes


  • Handling case where user is signing up via Facebook account which doesn't have e-mail address tied to it
  • Lesson - Lesson text format - h1-h6 styles did not have enough top margin
  • Switching organization admin user to another organization could copy old organizations groups to new organization
  • Question add/edit modal - Few click areas were not correct size and could result to unintentional choices
  • Lesson - when clicking video format button multiple times it was possible to end up into audio format only state
  • Task creation - "Assign certificate" checkbox was not checked by default
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