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Skhole LMS - New release 15.4.2021
Skhole LMS - New release 15.4.2021
Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Courses from Skhole can be shared to Whitelabel organization or vice-versa

  • Whitelabel - Organizations can sell their own subscriptions via platform. Credit card payment method accepted via Stirpe

  • Podcasts - New type of course consisting of audios only

  • Statistics - Single user all time statistics. If one user is only selected, statistics start date filter can be set to start of users signup date


  • Dashboard - Omitted "continue learning section" if organization has only 1 course

  • Users - Admin can now edit archived users without activating them first

  • Quizzes - Improved sorting

  • Lessons - YouTube to embedding was changed to native embed instead of Video.js player

  • Live broadcast - Changed classification in index to "Recording" when end time passed

  • Quiz - Locked mobile & tablet devices to portrait mode in quiz because landscape view in case of quiz is not great UX

  • Question - If points for question is set to 0, answer is no longer marked incorrect

  • Tasks - Add task - Now its possible to select end date for task year from start date and not only year from current time

  • Course - Continue -button text including next lesson name is now truncated if lesson name is too long to fit in button

  • Tasks - Users who completed task do not get notified of prolonged task anymore

  • Organization update - Welcome to Skhole -email to orgaization admins whenever org.admin for organization is updated


  • Tasks - Exam - Active quiz could not be unlocked in some cases

  • Video transcoding - Video was corrupted after transcoding in some cases

  • Lessons - Some lessons had incorrect medias appearing

  • Quiz editing - Re-selecting associated course was failing

  • Course index listing - Loading more courses didn't work when "Other courses" filter was selected

  • Tasks - Loader animation was slightly cut in some cases

  • Accessing service from elsewhere than Finland - Manually choosing other language than english had difficulties in some case

  • Offline courses - User language might be saved during concurrent requests

  • Whitelabel - Organization admin could see empty quiz statistics in some cases

  • Course - Restart course button was positioned incorrectly

  • User profile - Archived user profile was broken for admin

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