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Skhole LMS - New release 14.6.2021
Skhole LMS - New release 14.6.2021
Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Whitelabel - Subscription payment automatic cancellation when membership id feature is enabled

  • Course - Pre-course skill evaluation modal

  • Lesson - Review content modal

  • System messages - Admins can send users system-wide messages


  • Quiz performance

  • UI - New datepickers all around app

  • UI - Updated MaterialUI library all around app

  • Lesson editing - Copy-pasting line-breaks improvements

  • Tasks - Better handling of assigning task to whole organisation

  • Filters - Search user by name - improvements


  • My courses filter did not work correctly in some cases

  • Dashboard - Hide/show panel link out of view area in some resolutions

  • User profile - Sign up date was not the correct date

  • Notifications - Focus error message in browser console in some cases

  • Course - "Next" and "Show course certificate" buttons were too near each other

  • Course - Could be find via deleted tag, tag association had issues

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