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Skhole LMS - New release 5.7.2021
Skhole LMS - New release 5.7.2021
Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Automatic RSS feeds generation of contents (course,podcast,livestream) available for user, accessible via user token. Can be easily used for integrating course listings to organizations other intra/extranet/websites without that much technical knowledge than what using Rest API might require.

  • Whitelabel organizations setting for general help url. Organizations could provide their own support service instead of using Skhole's default one (

  • New Rest API documentation interface to keep API documentation better and automatically more up-to-date

  • Course - Review
    When course is completed NPS (Net promoter score) question appears with sliders to evaluate course


  • Whitelabel - Hide course filter option "{serviceName}'s courses" because that filter not really relevant in case of whitelabel


  • Skhole and whitelabel organizations could not use same tags properly

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