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Skhole LMS - New release 28.12.2021
Skhole LMS - New release 28.12.2021
Written by Jonni Laaksontammi
Updated over a week ago


  • Course listing - Filter - My courses - Includes now also courses created by current user

  • Course listing - Filters - Added tooltips to describe what is filters criteria

  • Course listing - Changed lesson screenshots to its parent course images instead

  • Course - Added after course skill evaluation slider

  • Lesson - Vimeo/YouTube urls - Supported url schemas update

  • Statistics - Course - Show course duration when hovering over the course name, also added into Excel statistics

  • User listings without email information - Add email into tooltip, in places such as statistics, tasks, quizzes...wherever there is user or createdBy type of information

  • Authors & Tags - Added confirm dialog for deletion


  • Whitelabel organizations - General page help "tour" was missing current step icon

  • Course - Could not be saved if its access settings had targeted archived users

  • Tasks - "Exam by code" could not be submitted by pressing [Enter]

  • Course - Editor could not set course private when access groups were defined at the same time

  • Course - Video playback was not stopped when completing course and Congratulations modal opening

  • [Mobile] Quiz - Question editing - Had some graphic glitches

  • Signing up - with password that could not be used was possible when copy-pasted

  • Signing up - with SSO methods did not send user his password

  • Quiz - Questions - One question could have multiple same answer choices

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