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Skhole LMS - New release 5.7.2022
Skhole LMS - New release 5.7.2022
Written by Johanna Honkela
Updated over a week ago


  • Questions - A field added where it shows in which quizzes that question is currently used in

  • Course - Possibility to add tags to a course

  • Course - Possibility to add authors to a course


  • Quiz - When adding question to a quiz, it places last in the quiz

  • Quiz - Search questions - Prioritisation by name hit

  • Course - Skill evaluation - Prohibited to provide more than one pre- and after-course skill per course completion.

  • Course - Skill evaluation - Disabled course start skill evaluation from admins

  • Course - Lesson hierarchy - Show "book" icon instead of Play icon if there is only text content

  • Course - Editors who can manage the course should always have access to view course content

  • Edit lesson - UI - Show changelog popup only if user changes some fields

  • Statistics - Made statistics filters stick when going to certificate via Statistics

  • Whitelabel - Improvements to Subscription service

  • Improved page meta-tags


  • [Mobile] App crashed in the quiz module after user tried to change "select associated lesson"

  • [Mobile] Edit Course - Form field overflows

  • [Mobile] Task - The horizontal scroll is appeared after scrolling the "Add task" page down or up

  • Lesson - prohibit editing a lesson content when user on lessons page

  • Lesson - Wrong inheritance of lessons images

  • Live-streams - The timer for live events was wrong when the start date was in more than one month

  • Live-stream & Course - Validation issue

  • Congratulations popup - UI - Improved text content to be better aligned

  • Users - Couldn’t find all users with search

  • Registration - The hint with misleading information appeared after clicking the "Guide" during the registration via an invite link

  • Certificates - broken layout

  • Tasks - Assignment - Links can be added in edit form but not removed

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