You can study at Skhole with your computer or laptop, mobile device or tablet. We work with all of the major browsers and versions of Internet Explorer,  Firefox, Safari and Chrome. 

Although Skhole works with Internet Explorer, we do not recommend using the browser.  

Watching the e-learning lectures on video or listening to the audio track requires an internet connection. The default video quality is 720p, however, you can change it to 1080p Full HD.


You will need a broadband internet connection (minimum 1 Mbps) to watch the videos or listen to the audio tracks.

Watching the videos requires a browser that supports HTML5 techniques/H264. Javascript and cookies must also be enabled. Most household devices are by default compatible and will not require any adjustments.


Skhole is compatible with the most common iOS and Android phones.

For the best learning experience, we recommend using either Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser.

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