Skhole’s customer organizations can add as many users as they have licenses. All added users are shown as organizations users.

To make user management easier, users can be added to different groups (e.g. by departments, classes or office location). This is highly recommendable in case there are lots of users.

The Organization Admin and Supervisors can create groups within the organization, such as departments, local office or class year.

Create a group by clicking ”My Group” on the upper right corner and choose ”Users”.

On the Group Settings tab click ”Add new group”.

Each group has their own Sign up code. Give the code to all users you wish to add to a group.

A single user can be added to several groups at the same time, such as ”Department123” and ”Teachers”.

By doing this, you’ll ensure messages and tasks reach the correct persons.

Please note that the Supervisor code is located in the column next to the Sign up code. Give the Supervisor code to the teachers and other supervisors. They can register as Supervisors and view statistics and create tasks.

You can create a Supervisor from an existing user by adding him/her as the group Supervisor.

After creating a group the Organization Admin or Supervisor can start adding users to the group.

Add users to a group by clicking ”My Group” on the upper right corner and choose ”Users”. On the Users tab click ”Edit” on the user you wish to edit.

On the ”Edit user” view, click ”Groups”. Start typing the name of the group you wish to add the user to.

Here you can update the user information, for example if the user changes departments or tasks within the organization. 

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