Organisation admins, teachers and supervisors can invite users to sign up into Skhole. This feature does not replace signup codes, but acts as an alternative method to add users into organization and groups.


When logged in to Skhole, navigate into Users. On this page, click button "Invite Users" and modal appears.

You now have two ways to invite users.


  • Under modal title, toggle on to setting "Manual"

  • Insert users email, first name and last name.

  • Assign supervisor/teacher role from that checkbox if needed.

  • If you want to define users organization and/or group, choose those. If you leave them empty, user will be registered into the main organization.

  • Welcome -message field acts as personalized welcome message for user in invite email, such as "Hi John, please sign up into Skhole asap!"

  • You may want to invite multiple users at same time by clicking Add User button to add another record into the list.

  • When you're finished with invites, click Finish icon on bottom right corner of modal to send invites.

Advanced options

By using advanced options it's possible to set same organization, groups, role or welcome-message to all invites in list.

Copy/pasting from Excel

  • Under modal title, toggle on to setting "Copy/Paste"

  • Copy and paste into field "Copy and paste records from Excel file" so that the order of cells matches criteria: Email, First name, Last name, Code, Welcome message.

  • If you don't want to copy/paste cells containing sign up code or welcome -message, or want to set specific organization or group for users, click on "Show advanced options", where you can define common values for these cells.

  • When you're finished, click on the Complete icon on bottom right corner and invites will be sent.

Removing invitation

  • When logged in to Skhole, navigate into Users. On this page, choose filter "Pending" and find invitation that you want to remove.

  • Choose invitation on its row, then pick option "Remove" in action selector and click "Run"

  • Now invite is removed.

As user - Receiving invitation

  • Open email titled "Invitation - Skhole"

  • Click on the invitation-link. Link is valid for 2 weeks from its sending or until removed.

  • Fill in required details and click "Sign up".

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