All of our e-learning material is available in video, audio and text format. Watching the e-learning video lectures and listening to the audio track requires an internet connection.

Once you have logged into Skhole’s e-learning platform at or, you can access the course view from the menu on the left. Individual courses consist of several lectures 15-25 minutes in duration. You can also view your progression on different courses in this view.

Choose the course of your choice and study the lectures in the order you desire. Mark the lecture completed by clicking the button beneath the video player and next time you’ll remember where you left off. You can also change the video playback speed.

Should you wish to study several lectures consecutively, you can switch on automatic course progression from the button below the video player. You don’t need to mark the lecture completed when the automatic course progression is switched on – the system will remember how far you progressed.

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