You can register to Skhole with a registration code you've received from your teacher or supervisor.

After first login, you can change your password in your own profile, which you can find on the upper right corner by clicking the Profile icon and then choosing Profile. 

Once you have a Skhole account, you can also log in with Google, Haka or Facebook 

You can log in to Skhole from two addresses - either via "Login" or with your email address and password. Fill in your login details and click "Login". 

After you have logged in, you can find your own personal dashboard. The dashboard shows the last course you've studied and enables you to continue your studies from where you left. You can also find tasks set up by your teacher, results of exams you've taken, messages and conversation topics regarding courses or in the classroom. 

You are able to study in three different languages: in Finnish, in English and in Swedish. You can change languages by clicking the Profile icon on the upper right hand corner. You can find the link to our Customer service (FAQ) from the same menu.

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