You can type your own notes on the lectures and come back to them whenever you want. You can find the Notes in the menu bar on the left.

Start typing your notes by clicking the Notes In the course or lecture view. You can also access your previously taken notes from other views by clicking the link.

Notes will open up in a separate window. You can easily move and adjust the size of the window. Save your notes and you can come back to either read or edit them. Accessing your notes is easy by selecting the specific notes you wish to read from the list or by clicking the Notes link in the course view where you last edited them. You can also save your notes in Word format and print them out.

Notes are by default private. You can, however, share them by clicking the lock icon in the list of notes. The lock will open and the system will give you a link, which you can give to those you wish to share your notes with. You can make your notes private by clicking the lock icon again.

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